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What is the WizKids Info Network?

WizKids Info Network (WIN) is the ultimate way for both stores and players to get the most out of WizKids gaming events!

As a player, you can can find in-store matches and tournaments, earn awesome achievements, build a custom profile and keep track of your game results, all in one convenient place. Facebook integration even lets you share your profile, stats and player activity.

There's great stuff for stores, too. As a WIN-participating retailer, you can build a profile for your shop, create and showcase new and recent events, and more! Retailers can also earn achievements within WIN that can help bring more attention to your store.

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Marvel HeroClix: Civil War OP Event

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Last week, at Origins Game Fair, WizKids hosted the 2016 U.S. National and World Championships for HeroClix, Dice Masters, and Attack Wing. This year we had more events and a bigger turn out than ever! In fact, we had over 4000 event entries this year!
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Greetings HeroClix Fans!It’s time for to kick off preview for the upcoming Marvel HeroClix: Superior Foes of Spider-Man.  This 5-figure booster set will be releasing this August but Marvel HeroClix: Superior Foes of Spider-Man Pre-release Events kick off at the end of July. Today let's take a look at a popular Spider-Man villain that has plagued New York and it’s heroes with his psychot[...]
Esdevium, in co-operation with WizKids, is excited to offer the next free French and Italian translations of recent HeroClix releases in the form of print and play PDF files.

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