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Postby hcrulesteam » Thu Feb 02, 2017 2:31 am

Provided below is a list of all current Heroclix maps that are considered Modern Age legal. If a map is not listed, that map is not considered Modern Age legal unless the map was released after the most recently added (last listed) entry in this list. This list will be updated as older maps are moved out of Modern Age.

While all of the maps listed are legal in Modern Age events, there are restrictions as to what maps can be used at official WizKids events. For official WizKids events, the maps highlighted in RED are NOT LEGAL for those events.

Current official WizKids events affected by map restrictions are: WizKids Regional Championships (WizKids Open's), WizKids National Championships, and WizKids World Championships.

Special events and tournaments not specified in the previous list, such as Pre-Release events, Battle Royale's, and Side tournaments at WizKids attended conventions, are not considered official WizKids events in regards to map restrictions. The organizer of the event may still choose restrict maps if they are inclined to do so.
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Postby hcrulesteam » Mon Mar 26, 2018 11:51 am

HeroClix Premium & Exclusive Maps
Gaming Convention Hall (Indoor)
WizKids Office HQ (Indoor)
Convention Center Plaza (Outdoor)
Parking Garage (Outdoor)
Warehouse (Indoor)
Cargo Ship (Outdoor)
Sporting Arena (Indoor)
Train Station (Indoor)/Train Yard (Outdoor)

Marvel HeroClix: Civil War
Prison 42 (Indoor)/Stamford (Outdoor)
Final Battle (Indoor)/Chemical Plant (Outdoor)

Marvel HeroClix: Superior Foes of Spider-Man
Bank Heist (Indoor)/Friendly Neighborhood (Outdoor)

DC HeroClix: The Joker's Wild
Ace Chemicals (Indoor)/Ace Street (Outdoor)

Marvel Heroclix: Deadpool and X-Force
Speakeasy (Indoor)/Cargo Plane (Outdoor)

Marvel Heroclix: Avengers/Defenders War
Dark Dimension (Outdoor)/Wakanda (Outdoor)

Marvel Heroclix: What If?
Arthur's Castle (Outdoor)/Avengers Unity Rooftop (Outdoor)
Runaways Base (Indoor)/Avenger's Island (Outdoor)

DC Heroclix: Elseworlds
Junkyard (Outdoor)/High Noon Saloon (Indoor)
Wonder Woman's Barn (Outdoor)/High Noon Street (Outdoor)

Marvel Heroclix: The Mighty Thor
Gjallerbru (Outdoor)/Grand Arena (Outdoor)
Bifrost (Outdoor)/Jotunheim Lake (Outdoor)

DC Heroclix: Harley Quinn and the Gotham Girls
Harley's Apartment (Outdoor)/Roller Derby (Indoor)

Star Trek Heroclix: Away Team: The Original Series
Gorn Fight (Outdoor)/Forgotten Planet (Outdoor)
Amok Time (Outdoor)/Underground Cavern (Indoor)

Marvel Heroclix: X-Men: Xavier's School
Genosha (Outdoor)/Muir Island (Outdoor)

Marvel Heroclix: Avengers Infinity
Halfworld (Outdoor)/Galador Promenade (Outdoor)

DC Heroclix: Batman: The Animated Series
Gotham Museum (Indoor)/Gotham City Waterfront (Outdoor)
Ha Ha Hacienda (Indoor)/Iceberg Lounge (Indoor)
Poison Ivy's Greenhouse (Indoor)/Gotham City Downtown (Outdoor)

Marvel Heroclix: Secret Wars - Battleworld
Regency Laboratory(Indoor)/Weird-World (Outdoor)
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