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Heroclix Grand Prize Fiesta!

Armored Gopher Games
Oct 15, 2016 at 13:00 (local)


You will bring with you a 300 point constructed team that is silver age NO RESOURCES and then from the store you shall purchase a total of 10 figures from what is available. So in other words you could simply buy two boosters, or maybe just focus on a gravity feed or even pick up a fast forces if you so desire. Perhaps a combination of the two, the choice is yours. From these you will create another chunk of your forces for another 300 points. So in other words 300 constructed and 300 sealed from whatever your heart desires as long as you purchase a total of at least ten figures. Also please note that if your constructed force is themed in some way, you will still get theme for that half of the 600 total points, just to avoid confusion.

Additional Info


House Rules

Prize ship cards/DS9 cards may be proxied.
No admiral's orders.