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Star Trek: Attack Wing- Yesterday's Enterprise OP

Critical Hit Games
Apr 22, 2017 at 20:00 (local)
Attack Wing
Star Trek
Player Cap
14 (8 registered)


Star Trek: Attack Wing: Yesterday’s Enterprise Organized Play is based on the on the fan-favorite Star Trek episode, Yesterday’s Enterprise from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Your fleet has encountered a damaged ship from the past that has emerged from a strange temporal rift. While repairing it, you realize that this ship has caused your timeline to be altered and have determined that it must return through the rift to its own time to set things right. As your fleet escorts the damaged ship back to the rift, you are set upon by an enemy fleet.

Will you successfully return the damaged ship to its own time? Or will the ship be destroyed on route to the rift, leaving you stuck in this alternate timeline?

Find out on the tabletop in the Star Trek: Attack Wing: Yesterday’s Enterprise Organized Play.

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Additional Info

Event Fee: $5

Format: 130 pt. Constructed

House Rules