Hellfire Gala

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Hellfire Gala

Postby kksimons » Sun Sep 25, 2022 11:49 am

First, due to the card's graphic design, I just want to make sure the order of operations on the card is as follows:
1) Roll 2 dice from your bag. (Since it doesn't say "draw and roll" I just want to confirm this would trigger dice from the used going into your bag if you don't have the requisite 2).
2) Each player fields 3 sidekick dice from their used pile.
3) If there are 16 or more dice in the field zone between the two players, win the game.

When the card looks for 16 or more dice, I assume it counts tokens as they are considered level 1 character dice, but does it also count continuous action dice in the field?
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Re: Hellfire Gala

Postby dmrulesteam » Sun Sep 25, 2022 3:24 pm

Roll 2 dice from your bag. Each player fields three Sidekick dice from their Used Pile. If there are 16 or more dice in the Field Zone, win the game.

The resolution of Hellfire Gala’s ability, in this order:
- The Controller of Hellfire Gala draws and roll 2 dice from their bag. Note: other cards, such as Bat-Signal – Super Carbon Arc Filaments, that state “roll X dice from your bag” also follow this convention (draw and roll).
- Each player fields 3 Sidekick dice.
- If the total amount of dice in all player’s Field Zones is 16 or more, the Controller of Hellfire Gala wins the game. This ability does count tokens that are considered level 1 Character dice and Continuous Action dice that are in any Field Zone.
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