Absorbing Man: Harold's Ice Cream

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Absorbing Man: Harold's Ice Cream

Postby ccm00007 » Sat Feb 10, 2024 8:31 pm

I have a question about Absorbing Man: Harold's Ice Cream from The Mighty Thor set (and in doing so, about the definition of "When KO'd" abilities in general).

His ability text reads as follows:

While Absorbing Man is active, when a "when KO'd" effect is used, you may use a copy of that effect.

For the purposes of the above ability, which of the following count as a "When KO'd" effect?

1) Self-referential effects, such as Mister Sinister: Battleworld

When Mister Sinister is KO'd, you may KO an opposing character die of cost 4 or less.

2) Conditional self-referential effects, such as Chwinga: Paragon Elemental

When Chwinga is KO'd by non-combat damage, Prep a die from your bag.

3) Effects that trigger upon a character being KO'd, such as Terrax: Namor's Cabal

While Terrax is active, when one of your character dice is KO'd, deal 4 damage to target character die.

Thanks in advance for your time.
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Re: Absorbing Man: Harold's Ice Cream

Postby dmrulesteam » Mon Feb 12, 2024 1:35 pm

Mister Sinister and Chwinga would trigger Absorbing Man’s ability, Terrax would not.

“When KO’d” or “when (that Character) is KO’d” effects trigger at the resolution of this ability that KO’s the specific Character die (i.e. the ability is self-referential), regardless of whether or not the ability states how that Character die is to be KO’d.
Abilities that require an existing game state or initiating another action to KO a Character die are notwhen KO’d” abilities.

Examples of not “when KO’d” abilities:
1. Black Swan: Defending Castle Doom
While Black Swan is active, you may KO her to prevent combat damage dealt to one of your [shield] character dice this turn.

An existing game state (Black Swan being active) can initiate the KO of a Character die.

2. Anti-Monitor: Mobius
When Anti-Monitor attacks, you may KO any number of your character dice. For each that you do, your opponent KOs one of their character dice.

Another action (Anti-Monitor attacking) can initiate the KO of Character dice.

3. Master Mold: Untold Electronic Expertise
When fielded, KO target [X-Men] character die.

Another action (fielding Master Mold) initiates the KO of a Character die.

4. Wallop BAC
KO target level 1 character die.
** Instead, KO target level 1 or level 2 character die.

Another action (using an Action die) initiates the KO of a Character die.

5. Dark Phoenix: Malevolant
Global: Pay [1 bolt] and KO one of your character dice. The next die you purchase this turn costs 2 less (to a minimum of 1).

Another action (the paying for a Global ability) initiates the KO of a Character die.

Note, if the Character die selected to be KO’d in any of these examples has a “when KO’d” effect, abilities like Absorbing Man’s can be applied.
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