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Clea: Star Crossed and Overcrush

PostPosted: Wed Feb 22, 2017 2:09 pm
by dmrulesteam
Clea: Star Crossed
While Clea is active, when you assign blockers,
you may declare target character die blocked
without assigning it a blocker.

Overcrush: When attacking, if this character KOs all of its blockers (or they are removed for other reasons), it deals any remaining damage to your opponent.

Clea is from the Defenders Team Pack, and we just revealed that product recently. We've received questions about how this interaction works, and a character die with Overcrush blocked by Clea's ability would deal its full damage to the defending player. The character die is blocked but with 0 blockers.

Also, Clea can't use her ability on a character die that cannot be blocked.

-The Dice Masters Rules Team