Miscellaneous Rules Update for Origins

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Miscellaneous Rules Update for Origins

Postby dmrulesteam » Mon May 13, 2019 10:23 am

Hi all,

There have been some rules questions outstanding longer than we would like that are of particular interest to competitive players participating at Origins Game Fair's Dice Masters US National Championships. Those rulings/errata are below. The errata thread will be updated when an issue with the WIN is fixed (images aren't displayed correctly 100% of the time).

The Spot: Portal Jumper, Dark Magician: Dark Magic Attack, and Tabaxi Rogue: Lesser Zhentarim, how do they each deal with drawing multiple dice?
Dark Magician and The Spot will receive errata for clarity:
Dark Magician: Dark Magic Attack
While Dark Magician is active, whenever you draw any number of extra dice (outside of the Clear and Draw Step) instead draw 2 dice for every 1 die you would draw. Lose 1 life for each extra die you draw as a result of this ability.
The Spot: Portal Jumper
While The Spot is active, whenever you draw and roll any number of dice outside your Clear and Draw Step (excluding dice drawn from The Spot’s Ability), draw and roll an extra die.

Per an earlier ruling, the intent is that Dark Magician makes a single replacement. The Spot increases dice drawn by +1.

Tabaxi Rogue checks how many dice are drawn and deals 1 damage for each.

If I choose a Basic Action Card my opponent brought to the game with Scarecrow: Chose Poorly, is that allowed, and will it cost an extra (3) for me to purchase?
Yes and Yes.

Does The Riddler: Creature of Pure Pride know the difference between my opponent rerolling their own die (from their effect, or from mine) versus me rerolling their die?
No. The Riddler’s effect only looks at whether or not the die is rerolled. The Riddler’s effect isn’t a cost – it’s an effect (even if we could describe it as a “tax”). The same is true for Tabaxi Rogue. If The Riddler’s text was, “…your opponent must pay 2 life to roll or reroll a die other than during the Roll and Reroll Step.” It would be a cost, since it would be a prerequisite coming before the effect.

Doom Lance and Orbital Strike – do these cards need to be played during the Main Step because you can’t avoid paying a cost?
Orbital Strike may only be played during your Main Step. Doom Lance has a different practical effect if played outside your Main Step, and is a different case. When played during the Use Global Abilities and Action Dice step of your Attack Step, blockers have already been declared. The only meaningful effect of Doom Lance would be: When an opposing character die is KO’d this turn, its controller loses 1 life ** Also, if an opponent has no active character dice at the end of the turn, that opponent loses 1 life.

-The DM Rules Team
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