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Energy Field Clarification

PostPosted: Tue Jul 09, 2019 1:53 pm
by dmrulesteam
We've received some questions about the Energy Field Global Ability.

Global: Pay (Mask) and spin one of your active character dice down 1 level. Spin target character die up 1 level.

The Global ability is going to be errata'd to functionally match Polymorph and Mutation's Global Ability.

Global: Pay (Mask). Spin one of your character dice down a level to spin another target character die up a level.

The intent is that you won't be able to spin the same die down and back up with a single action, therefore preventing abuse with Awaken. Even though this wasn't a dominant presence at recent events, we believe that for the health of all formats (Modern, Golden Age, 10/10, Global Escalation) this card should play as intended.

As you may realize, Canadian Dice Masters National Championships is this coming weekend. Due to the short notice, and that players have likely been preparing for a metagame that didn't include this change, this errata will NOT apply for that event. It will apply for other National Championship events, and local events, effective July 12th 2019.

-The DM Rules Team