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WWE Dice Masters Rules Questions

Postby dmrulesteam » Mon Jun 15, 2020 5:10 pm

We've received may questions which boil down to this:

Jerry Lawler - both the die and global. The BAC reads, "All blocked and blocking Superstars deal double damage this turn.
Global: Pay fist. Target blocked or blocking Superstar deals double damage. Use this ability only once per turn." The discussion has centered around the question of what happens when both players bring this BAC? Can you double the double, in essence quadrupling the damage? Some folks are saying that you can definitely use the global twice. However, "deals double damage" is not language that would imply it can stack. Once something is dealing double damage, doing it again results in still dealing double damage. Is this correct? If so I'm supposing there's no point in using the global on the card on one of your own dice if you play the action die.

The intent of Jerry Lawler, both the action and the Global Ability, is that it only deals double. If both players had the Global, you could use the Global twice. Using that Global twice would NOT give a 4x bonus, nor would using the Global and the Action.

Mankind: The Hardcore Legend - While Mankind is active, whenever your opponent Preps one or more dice outside their Clear and Draw Step, you may Prep a die from your bag. If both players have a Mankind in the field and somebody preps does it create a loop? Or is it implicit that it's "not including dice prepped from Mankind's ability"?

Mankind's ability is not intended to loop when facing a copy of itself nor a character that copies Mankind's ability. As a reminder, if there would be an infinite loop that neither player could stop, this rule would kick in:

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