Moira – It’s Not a Dream

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Moira – It’s Not a Dream

Postby dmrulesteam » Sun Sep 25, 2022 10:45 pm

While Moira is active, when an opponent fields a Continuous Action die, reroll it. If it lands on an action face, they may field it normally. Otherwise, send it to the Used Pile.

Question: If Moira triggers and rolls the opposing action die to an energy face, does that interrupt the ‘use’ of the action die, or will it still trigger effects such as Attune? Does it move to the Used Pile through Out of Play? If the action rolls to an action face, does it stay on that face or go back to the original face?

Answer: A continuous action die is used by moving it to the Field Zone. Moira replaces that use (given the appropriate roll) by sending that die directly to the Used Pile. Such a replacement would prevent the triggering of all other effects that require the action die to be used. If the action die rolls an action face, return it to its original face.

Editor's Note: This was card we missed during the recent batch of rulings for Dark Phoenix cards.
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