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We wish to answer your rules questions to the best of our ability—in order to help us do so, we ask that when you post a question for the rules team to answer that you follow the following guidelines. These guidelines are meant to a) help ensure that your question will be easy to understand by the Rules Team and b) so your question (and the response from the Rules Team) will be easy to find by other users who are searching for an answer to the same question.

Please note: Posts are not visible to the public until a Moderator approves the post. Moderators reserve the right to not approve posts that they feel do not adhere to the Forum Rules (see Forum Rules sticky thread). Moderators also reserve the right to edit a post prior to approving a post.

1.The Rules Forum is for Rules Questions only: Please keep your questions focused on rules questions. Posts of personal ads, hello/goodbye messages, call outs/shout outs, forum games, polls, advertising of events, organizing sales/trades, game or rules change requests, or any other non-rules related discussion will not be approved.

2. Before posting a question, please use the search function to see if your question, or a similar question, has not already been asked. Duplicate questions will not be approved.

3. Please limit your post to a question relating to one specific issue/interaction with one or more game elements. If you have multiple questions on multiple different game elements, please submit a different post for each. This includes follow up posts. If your follow up question introduces a new game element/effect not mentioned in the original question, then you must submit the question in a new thread.

4. FOR GENERAL RULE QUESTIONS: In order to help all D&D Attack Wing players find the response to your question, please format subject titles for general questions as a brief summary of the main question in the thread (Example: Fire Breath vs. Hobgoblin Troop).

5. FOR RULES QUESTIONS ON SPECIFIC FIGURES, UPGRADES, ETC: In order to help all D&D Attack Wing players find the response to your question, please format your subject titles so that it references all game elements and upgrades/abilities (if applicable) when asking a question about specific game element interactions. Our preferred format is as follows: Wave Number, Expansion Name, Upgrade/Ability Name (See the Subject line in the Example Post below as an example).

6. The Rules Team can only provide answers to rules questions relating to figures/game elements that have been released and/or officially previewed game elements. Official previews are limited to figures/game elements shown on the Wizkids Facebook page, the Wizkids Twitter feed,, and

7. When posting a question about a specific rule, ability, upgrade card, or other game effect, please quote all relevant rules and effects. Please be sure that your quoting of the rules and/or effects is accurate to the rules and/or effect as printed in the rulebook, card, etc. (i.e. please do not quote from memory).

Here is an example of a post using the above Posting Guidelines:

Subject: Wave 1 Dwarven Ballista Bag of Diamond Dust

Body: Bag of Diamond Dust Campaign Artifact - During the Combat Phase, if you just damaged a Creature with your Primary Weapon Ranged attack, you may place 2 Duration Tokens on this card to force that Creature and every Creature within Range 1 of that Creature to receive the Continuous Effect below.

Continuous Effect: The affected Creatures cannot perform any Actions. When this effect ends for any reason, discard this card. A Siege Engine or Troop can use a Heroic Upgrade slot to equip this Artifact.

If the Bag of Diamond Dust upgrade is disabled or discarded during the Activation Phase, can the affected creature take an action this turn?

ANSWER:If the Bag of Diamond Dust upgrade is disabled or discarded during the Activation Phase, the previously affected creatures still cannot take actions during the Activation Phase. (See Full Rulebook, Page 25, "Exception for Continuous Effects").

Thank you.
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