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These rules address the behavior expected on the Rules Forum. Please be advised that posts are not automatically made public. When you submit a post, it must be approved by a moderator before it will be made available for public viewing. In order to make sure your post will be approved, please follow these rules. Moderators reserve the right to edit posts so that they better fit the Forum Rules and Posting Guidelines before approving a post. Please note that all notifications are sent via email. You MUST have your account set up with an email address in order to receive notifications on post approval or denial. All approval and denial messages are sent to the email address listed in your account.

1. The Rules Forum is for Rules Questions only: Please keep your questions focused on rules questions.  Posts of personal ads, hello/goodbye messages, call outs/shout outs, forum games, polls, advertising of events, organizing sales/trades, game or rules change requests, or any other non-rules related discussion will not be approved and may result in a warning or banning. Please read the “Posting Guidelines” thread for instructions on our preferred structure for formatting a rules question.

2. The Rules Forums are moderated by the D&D Attack Wing Rules Team. You will know that it is a member of the Rules Team because their name will be dndrulesteam and they will be labeled as moderators.

3. Only members of the D&D Attack Wing Rules Team can answer D&D Attack Wing rules questions. Posts in which an attempt is made to answer a question will not be approved.

4. Please Be Polite—Posts with Name Calling, Insults, Profanity, Racial Slurs, Trolling, Flaming, Attacking, or Harassing will not be approved and will result in a warning or banning.

5. If you disagree with a ruling, please respond in a polite manner. We are not attempting to offend you with rulings, but instead help bring a better understanding of the rules of the game. If we feel there is no error in the ruling, your post will not be approved.

6. We will try to answer questions as soon as we can, but we ask that you please be patient when awaiting an answer. Please expect a 3 to 7 business day turnaround time before a response to an approved question is received.

7. If you have an issue with another poster, please use the Report Feature to report the post to the moderators. Please do not attempt to solve the issue yourself.

Failure to follow these rules will result in your post not being approved for public viewing. Repeated posts from the same users that don’t follow the rules will result in warnings that may lead to possible temporary or permanent bans. Posts deemed especially egregious by the moderators will result in users being permanently banned regardless of warning level.

Thank you.

D&D Attack Wing Rules Team
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