Passing through freindly units

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Passing through freindly units

Postby squidsfordays » Mon Aug 10, 2015 12:01 pm

In the movment section of the rules, the book explains how to roll an overrun check vrs enemy models. However it doesn't really explain if you can just push pas freindly models or do you have to roll an overrun check to see if you push through as you do vrs enemy models?

My second part of this question is an issue a game I'd run into.

If I have a ground unit that has to move through an enemy model, but the end of the movment would land me on top of a freindly ground unit can I choose to (after passing an overrun check on the enemy model.) Slide back to where I first touch the freindly model like you would an air unit? Or would I have to just not make it through at all since my movment would land on an model?
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Re: Passing through freindly units

Postby dndrulesteam » Mon Aug 10, 2015 2:03 pm

1. You may pass through friendly creatures without making an Overrun check.

2. If you pass completely through an enemy creature (after succeeding at an Overrun check), and then bump a model on the other side, you just pull back the way you normally would when overlapping another model (assuming there is space for you between the enemy model and the bumped model).
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