OP 6 - Zeno vs Tiamat

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OP 6 - Zeno vs Tiamat

Postby masterplan » Mon Aug 17, 2015 2:56 am

Zeno's ability is written as follows

Any Creature damaged by Zeno's Tentacles cannot attack Zeno for the rest of the round. Such a Creature cannot even initiate an area attack that engulfs Zeno.

Some rules regarding Tiamat token in OP 6
For card text purposes, Tiamat is considered a dragon and a
creature, and players may therefore place effect tokens on her.
However, if an effect token is placed on Tiamat that denies
her the ability to attack, then she instantly removes that effect
token. This means that she ignores all other effects from
that token. For example, if a player places a paralysis token
on Tiamat (which would cause her to be unable to attack),
Tiamat immediately removes the paralysis token, which
means she suffers none of the effects of paralysis.

If there is at least one creature at Range 1 - 4 in Tiamat’s
forward arc, the controlling player must choose an attack that
strikes at least one creature (choosing a line or cone, ground
or air appropriately to make sure this happens), even if this
means the controlling player must attack one of his own
creatures. If the player chooses an attack type that cannot hit
any creatures, he must switch to another attack type if this
will allow him to attack at least 1 creature. The controlling
player is otherwise free to attack however he wills. Use
Tiamat’s primary weapon value when making this attack.

After attacking with the chosen breath weapon, the
controlling player must attack with Tiamat’s tail, which can
strike one creature at Range 1 - 3 on the ground or in the air
since all flying creatures are swooping. If there is at least one
creature at Range 1 - 3 in Tiamat’s rear arc, the controlling
player must attack 1 creature with this primary weapon
attack. If the controlling player chooses a target that is out of
range or arc, the player must immediately choose a different
creature instead.

If in OP 6 Zeno attacks Tiamat with its tentacles and deals damage.
Can you advise on the following:
    1a. Can Tiamat be made to attack Zeno with its tail if Zeno and another creature are in range 1-3?
    1b. What if Zeno is the only creature in range 1-3 of the tail?
    2. Can Tiamat be made to target Zeno with a breath weapon?
    3. Can Tiamat be made to include Zeno in an area attack (line or cone)?

The confusion come because it does not seem to have a "token" for its ability. (I do not have the booster yet, but I am going to be running OP 6 this week and a player asked.

My gut feeling is that if zeno is the only valid target for an attack then it would be subject to Tiamat's attack (ie Zeno is the only creature within 1-3 of the rear arc.) However if there is another valid target then that one would be attacked and Zeno would be ignored. In the case of breath weapons and Zeno (within range 3) and another creature would be in the front arc then Tiamat would be forced to use a line attack to miss Zeno. If only Zeno was in range 1-4 front arc then he would be the target of either a line or a cone from Tiamat. My reasoning is based on the must written into the Tiamat token's rules. This is a contradiction to the normal can't trumps must ruling.
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Re: OP 6 - Zeno vs Tiamat

Postby dndrulesteam » Fri Aug 21, 2015 3:53 pm

The answer to all of your questions is "no". Zeno's ability does not use an effect token.

Tiamat must attack another creature (or play level) if Zeno's ability has triggered. If Zeno is the only character, then Tiamat does not attack in that arc.
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Re: OP 6 - Zeno vs Tiamat

Postby priesmal » Sun Aug 23, 2015 11:37 am

Isn't this moot? Doesn't Tiamat attack "at the beginning of the combat phase, before even checking for initiative? ("At the start of the combat phase, the player with the initiative token must choose one of Tiamat’s 5 breath weapons and attack with that breath weapon in her forward arc.") Tiamat attacks, then Zeno attacks and bars Tiamat from making another attack.

The only possible conflict I could see for this is if a Troop is using First Strike. ("During the Combat Phase, your Troop attacks first.") In this case I would imagine the OP rules take precedence and Tiamat still attacks first. Besides, the player with initiative is controlling Tiamat.
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Re: OP 6 - Zeno vs Tiamat

Postby dndrulesteam » Mon Aug 31, 2015 2:54 pm

Good point, Zeno would always attack after Tiamat, so this situation will not ever occur.
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