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004 The Fury
[C] The character's card should indicate that it's standard power is lime green for Exploit Weakness.

006 White Priestess
[C] The character's card should have the Mystics team ability listed.

018 Solem
[C] The ADAMANTIUM SKIN effect should have the ;Indomitable; symbol instead of ;Star; .

033 Tarn the Uncaring
[E] TO ME, MY LOCUS VILE!: Leadership. When Tarn the Uncaring uses it and succeeds, choose one:
*Generate a Locus Vile.
*Place all of Tarn the Uncaring's Locus Vile bystanders on the map adjacent to him.

035 Magik
[E] I’LL KICK THE DOOR OPEN: Charge, Phasing/Teleport. When Magik moves, after resolutions generate a Stepping Disc marker in the square she began her movement in. // Friendly characters within 2 squares of the Stepping Disc marker can use “FREE: Place this character into an unoccupied square with that Stepping Disc marker.” // At the beginning of your turn, remove all Stepping Disc markers.

036 Captain Avalon
[C] The character's card should show a point value of 70/45 points.

201 Captain Avalon
[C] The character's card should show a point value of 75 points.
[E] I NO LONGER HAVE THE TEMPERAMENT TO BE CAPTAIN BRITAIN: Leadership. // When Captain Avalon takes damage from an attack, roll a d6 and Captain Avalon can use the listed power until the end of your next turn.
*1-3: Battle Fury.
*4-6: Willpower.

209 Apocalypse
[E] KRAKOA IS FOR ALL MUTANTS: When determining themed teams, characters with the Arakko keyword gain the X-Men keyword. // When a friendly character with the X-Men keyword would be hit with a close attack, if they can use Blades/Claws/Fangs they may roll a d6. If they do and the result is greater than the attacker's printed damage value, they evade the attack.

s012 Sword of Might, s013 Pogg Ur-Pogg, s014 Skybreaker, s015 Warlock, s016 Muramasa Blade, s017 Grasscutter, s018 Godkiller, s019 Soulsword, s020 Light of Galador, s021 Mercy
[E] These equipment are classified as "Sword" equipment and should all have "(Sword equipment)" printed after their names.

s017 Grasscutter
[E] EFFECT: Blades/Claws/Fangs. When this character uses it, you may instead use one of the dice in the attack roll as your d6 result.

s019 Soulsword
[E] EFFECT: Blades/Claws/Fangs, [MYSTICS] // If this character already has [MYSTICS], once per turn when they deal damage from that team ability choose one: deal 2 penetrating damage instead -or- also heal 1 click.
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