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ID Card Clarification

Postby hcrulesteam » Wed Sep 27, 2017 10:45 am

Hello Heroclix players,

ID cards, both past and future, all work exactly the same way as laid out by the Comprehensive Rulebook. They are now activated with POWER actions, rather than the somewhat complicated timing we had previously.

However, there is a difference in defining which additional characters that don’t have the exact character name printed on the ID card can qualify as ID characters. Previous ID cards matched real name. We are moving away from having real names be a gameplay element, as it was causing issues with certain characters. But we still wanted a way to expand ID cards beyond just the printed name. Future ID cards have a line for “Other Identities” and list other character names that qualify as ID characters. For example, a Jean Grey ID card may have Phoenix and Marvel Girl listed. However, it may not have Dark Phoenix listed, as playtesting felt that was a bit of a stretch to think that Dark Phoenix would happily stop by and help. No system here is going to be perfect and any system will occasionally lead to unintuitive results, but overall using character names has proven both more flavorful and easier to manage.

Bottom line: All ID cards function the same. Old and new ID cards both have ways to match additional characters, but do it a little differently. Old ID cards still use real names, new ID cards use other character names. Any ID cards that used keywords and/or point values to expand the qualifying ID characters work as well.
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