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Provided below is a list of all current Heroclix maps that are considered Modern Age legal. If a map is not listed, that map is not considered Modern Age legal unless the map was released after the most recently added (last listed) entry in this list. This list will be updated as older maps are moved out of Modern Age.

While all of the maps listed are legal in Modern Age events, there are restrictions as to what maps can be used at official WizKids events. For official WizKids events, the maps highlighted in RED are NOT LEGAL for those events.

Current official WizKids events affected by map restrictions are: ROC events, WizKids Regional Championships (WizKids Open's), WizKids National Championships, and WizKids World Championships.

Special events and tournaments not specified in the previous list, such as Pre-Release events, Battle Royale's, and Side tournaments at WizKids attended conventions, are not considered official WizKids events in regards to map restrictions. The organizer of the event may still choose restrict maps if they are inclined to do so.

NOTE: Some maps are modular maps made of individual tiles. For tournament play, the tiles must be assembled in the intended 2' X 3' configuration of the same side of map where the column letters/row numbering are in alpha/numerical order of the same map side.
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Postby hcrulesteam » Fri Jul 01, 2022 2:00 am

ROC Maps
Skull Clearing (Outdoor)
Widowmaker's Lair (Indoor/Outdoor)
Phoenix Nest (Outdoor)

Hyper RPG Studios (Indoor/Outdoor)
The Knoll (Outdoor)
Defense Island (Outdoor)
84th Street Mall (Indoor)
Hell's Pit (Indoor)
Eastview Park (Outdoor)
Overview Chemicals (Indoor)
Haunted Library (Indoor)
Battlegate (Indoor)
Planetary Annihilation
Eastview Circus (Outdoor)

Panther Fieldhouse (Indoor)
Barnstable Wedding (Indoor)
Red Mines (Indoor)
The Four Points (Outdoor)

WizKids Maps
Marvel Heroclix: Battlegrounds: Avengers vs Masters of Evil
Castle Hideout (Outdoor)/Iron Man’s Workshop (Indoor)
Ultron’s Lair (Indoor)/Helicarrier Interior (Indoor)

Marvel Heroclix: Fantastic Four
Aunt Petunia's House (Indoor/Outdoor)/Latverian Village (Outdoor)

Marvel Heroclix: X-Men House of X
Otherworld Castle (Outdoor)/Krakoa (Outdoor)

Marvel Heroclix: Fantastic Four Future Foundation
Negative Zone (Indoor)/Desert Wedding (Outdoor)

DC Heroclix: Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary
Junkyard (Outdoor)/Wonder Woman's Barn (Outdoor)
Mt. Olympus (Outdoor)/Paradise Island (Outdoor)

Marvel Heroclix: X-Men Rise and Fall
Starcore Space Station (Indoor)/ Abandoned Weapon X Facility (Indoor)

Marvel Heroclix: Avengers Fantastic Four Empyre
Hank Pym's Lab (Indoor)/ Manhattan Bridge (Outdoor)
New York (Outdoor)/Baxter Building/Sentinel HQ (Indoor)

Marvel Heroclix: Fantastic Four 2021 Storyline Organized Play Kit
Blue Area of the Moon (Outdoor)/Realm of Death (Indoor)
Honeymoon Resort (Outdoor)/Latveria (Outdoor)

Marvel Heroclix: Avengers War of the Realms
Fountain of Asgard (Outdoor)/Fallen Asgard (Outdoor)

Marvel Heroclix: Marvel Studios Disney+
Westview (Outdoor)/ Strategic Scientific Reserve Building (Indoor)
Munich Escape (Outdoor)/The Void (Outdoor)
Apocalyptic Avenue (Outdoor)/Downtown (Indoor/Outdoor)

Marvel Heroclix: X of Swords
Otherworld Castle (Outdoor)/Limbo (Indoor)
Morlock Tunnels (Indoor)/Krakoan Garden (Outdoor)
Otherworld: Shadow of the Starlight Citadel (Outdoor)

Marvel Heroclix: Avengers Forever
Prison [Jailbreak] (Indoor)/Chemical Plant [Containment Leak] (Outdoor)
Avengers Compound [Winter] (Outdoor)/Starlord's Ship [Landed] (Indoor)

DC Heroclix: Batman Team-Up
Robinson Park (Outdoor)/Danny the Street (Outdoor)
Haunted Pier (Outdoor)/Game Show (Indoor)
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