New HeroClix Comprehensive Rulebook Posted on

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New HeroClix Comprehensive Rulebook Posted on

Postby hcrulesteam » Wed May 05, 2021 4:32 pm

Dear HeroClix players,

We have posted the updated version of the HeroClix Comprehensive Rules on the HeroClix Rules page of our website Rules | HeroClix ( The HeroClix Core Rulebook is intended to teach the basic concepts of HeroClix for casual “kitchen table” play. The HeroClix Comprehensive Rulebook expands upon the Core Rulebook with two intended purposes:

Act as a resource for players to answer more in-depth questions that may arise in game play.
Act as an official document for adjudicating game play for high-level tournament play.
This new version of the HeroClix Comprehensive Rules reflects all the recent rules changes enacted with the release of the DC Comics HeroClix: Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary set. This new version is also different from the previous HeroClix Comprehensive Rules in that it is complete by itself— all rules in the HeroClix Core Rulebook can be found in this document (noting you will still need the Powers & Abilities Card for the game effects of standard powers and many abilities).

One major formatting change in this document from the previous version is that we have converted this into a simple text document and assigned a numbering system to individual rules topics. We feel that this will help to:

  • a) Allow players/judges to more quickly find and refer other players to specific rules entries (noting that judges/players can search for specific terms and the PDF has a linked Table of Contents to jump to topics).

  • b) Allow us to more easily add and/or adjust rules entries as needed.
The footer of the document is labeled with the date of it’s most recent update. Judges and players should ensure that they are looking at the most recent version. Our intent in the future is to change the date whenever we make any significant changes (beyond typos or grammatical/formatting errors) and keep a running Change Log available on this forum that notes the numbered entries of any added/edited passages for easy reference. We feel this system will be the clearest and easiest way for judges/players to be kept up-to-date with any significant changes to the Comprehensive Rules.

Thank you all for your time, energy, enthusiasm and patience as we look forward to the future and another 20 years of HeroClix!

— The WizKids Team
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