Domino: Not Really A Party Girl

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Domino: Not Really A Party Girl

Postby dmrulesteam » Wed May 22, 2019 10:15 am

Domino: Not Really A Party Girl

Energize – Deal 1 damage to target opponent and reroll this die.

Storm: Morlock Champion

Awaken: Reroll target opposing die. If it is an energy face, put it in the opponent’s Used Pile. Otherwise, return it to the Field Zone on its original face.

Green Devil Mask: Lesser Trap


Trigger: Your opponent has 4 or more active character dice.

Effect: Your opponent must reroll all of their active character dice. Move any that roll an energy face to their Used Pile.

We've gotten a handful of different questions about Domino. Essentially:
Can her ability "save" her from being sent to the Used Pile, keeping her in the Field Zone on a character face?
Does she keep rerolling herself after she should be in the Used Pile?

Domino's Energize effect could trigger after she's rolled onto a double energy face by an effect like Storm or Green Devil Mask (GDM). You'd do as much of her effect as you could - 1 damage to your opponent. Then you'd reroll Domino, but her die is in the Used Pile. Per the rulebook:
Dice in the Prep Area, Used Pile, and bag are considered “unrolled dice,” and it doesn’t matter what face happens to be showing. They are either Sidekick, Character, or Action dice, depending on what faces they have. Dice always maintain the affiliation(s) specified on their cards.

So Energize couldn't trigger from the Used Pile even if she would end up on a double-energy face.

If an effect such as the Parallax Global Ability rerolled your Domino onto an energy face, her die would be in the Reserve Pool even if through multiple rerolls she would end up on a character face.

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