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DC Comics Dice Masters: Trinity War Storyline Organized Play Event 4

The Wizard's Chest
Aug 13, 2015 at 18:30 (local)
Dice Masters


Format - Rainbow Draft

Each player should come to the event with 8 Sidekick Dice, 12 Basic Action Dice, 4 Indicator Cards, and 2 Basic Action Cards (players may choose which Basic Action Cards they.d like to use after completing the draft, but must use the same 2 throughout the event).

Each player in the draft sits down with 12 packs of Dice Masters to draft with. A set of 6 packs is opened. As each player opens their packs they should verify that the cards and dice match. Keeping their cards secret, players should set them aside into a pile of 12 cards. The next 6 packs are opened and when complete are placed into a separate pile of 12 cards in front of the player (the piles are not to be mixed). All dice are placed into the center, and arranged as below so players can see exactly which dice and how many of each will be available during the draft. We call it Rainbow Draft as players may elect to sort them by color to allow for easier visual spotting of which cards correspond to which dice during the draft.

Each player then takes the deck they most recently prepared and after a short amount of time to review the cards, they select one, setting it face down in front of them, and passing the remaining cards to the player to their right. This card begins a pile of cards that players will be able to use in their team. After all players have selected a card, they take the pile from their left to select their next card and repeat the process until they are passed a single card to be placed into their pile.

After the first stack of 12 cards have been depleted, players should take a moment to review the cards they drafted (each player should have 12 cards at this point). After reviewing their cards, players will return them to a face-down pile in front of them and draft the second pack the same way as they did the first, this time passing in the opposite direction (left).

After drafting all packs, players should take dice from those that were set aside to match each of their cards. They will then construct a tournament team based on the Basic Action Cards they own and the cards they drafted. This tournament team can have up to 8 cards and up to 20 dice across those cards (many teams will have less than this). The basic action dice and cards and sidekick dice do not count against this limit of 8 cards and 20 dice.

Rainbow Draft Rules

Additional Info


House Rules

The Wizard’s Chest
Heroclix House Rules
Effective July 1, 2014

If all team members have the same team symbol, that is a theme team even if they do not share keywords, this is a non generic team for theme team effects.

If a team has no team symbols on any figure, and does not share keywords, that will be considered a theme team also. This is a generic word team for theme team effects.

One relic per team per each 500 pts of total team build points per game maybe assigned to a character (no vehicles maybe assigned a relic) for its point cost, that character begins the game with two tokens, does not take pushing damage for having two tokens at the beginning of the game, figure clears at the end of your second turn. Additional relics on a team are picked up using standard rules. Per Heroclix rules, relics are not usable if your team is using a resource. This rule does not apply to sealed events or other special events.

Standard objects from any set can be used in any tournament, special objects and 3D objects are used as listed below in the various ages. The following standard 3D objects (no card) have these non standard abilities:

Fing Fang Foom’s finger is a heavy 3D object, with the same properties as a dumpster, so it is not destroyed when used. The HOT silver anvil is also an indestructible heavy objective.

The small Capt. America shield is an indestructible light 3D object and provides a plus 1 defense and can be thrown as a light object. Figures must have super strength to pick it up.

The ultra heavy tank turret from Chaos war is an ultra heavy object, with 0 point cost, and is indestructible

See tournament types for use of feats, battlefield conditions, and objects.

There are three (3) types of tournaments that may be scheduled:
(Attempt to schedule at least one of each type of event each month) See schedule: printed, on wizardschest.com or events at heroclix.com for dates, type of tournament, any build restrictions and point totals for each tournament. Any cost for a tournament will be posted at these sites.

Modern Age: Per WizKids rules, the “current tournament sets”, which is any DC, Marvel, or Street Fighter sets released after September 1, 2013, (10 Anniversary Marvel or DC and later), only current objects, relics and resources and any issued ATAs, no feats, battlefield conditions or special objects from retired sets. A modern age tournament can be in one of the following formats: Sealed (brick, booster or draft), floor where at least 50% of build must be from the latest full or designated set, or constructed.

Silver Age: Any set with figure cards, i.e. beginning with LOSH or Avengers and any set released since then, including Street Fighter, Gears Of War, Halo, Lord of the Rings, etc. You can use feats, no battle field conditions. Any WizKids issued 3-D object, relic or resource can be used along with any issued object. Feats can be no more than 10% of the point build, objects with point costs are not considered in the feats total. These tournaments can be in the following formats: Constructed, floor with 50% of the build from the latest set(s) (i.e, Fast Forces, Starters or Gravity feed sets that are not Marvel or DC, or Street Fighter. Possible sealed drafts from Gravity feeds or CTDs.

Golden Age: Any Heroclix figure, except those marked Star Trek Tactics, demo or with purple rings is playable, within the point values of the tournament. Any feat cards, and any WizKids object (normal or 3-D) are usable. Feats can be no more than 10% of the point build, objects with point costs are not considered in the feats total. These tournaments are constructed and may have build restrictions per the tournament schedule, (i.e. maximum points for a figure including feats, or a required number of figures per team).

NOTE: Colossal figures are playable based on the set they are associated with so “retired” figures may only be used in Silver Age if they have a “card”, all can be used in Golden Age, if they can fit within the point build.

NOTE 2: Ships from Star Trek Tactics are only playable in Star Trek Tactics tournaments.