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Dice Masters Triple-Stack Dungeons and Dragons Hybrid Rainbow Draft / Sealed

Victory Comics
Oct 4, 2015 at 12:30 (local)
Dice Masters
Rainbow Draft
Dungeons & Dragons


Bring 8 sidekick dice, 3 basic action dice of at least 2 colors, preferably 4 colors (in case your opponent is using the same colors), and your basic action cards - you'll be choosing your two basic actions after the draft, and they may come from any set.

Each player will purchase 21 Dungeons and Dragons booster packs. Three of those packs go into the prize pool. The event is a hybrid sealed/draft.

The other 18 packs are divided into three stacks of six packs each, to be opened separately, to make three stacks of twelve cards, with the corresponding dice for each stack right next to it.

Then, before the regular draft starts, each player looks through each of their three stacks, and chooses one stack of 12 cards/matching dice to be kept, and not passed for drafting, but simply kept, and to be used after the draft, passing the other two stacks, to build the final team up to 20 dice over 8 cards with two basic action cards.

After choosing a stack, and setting aside it and its corresponding dice, the rest of the dice from the other two stacks, left to be drafted, will be sorted into the middle.

After the dice sorting is complete, each person will set one of the two remaining stacks safely aside, somewhere that nobody else will mistake it as something being passed around, and pick up another, picking out a card, and passing the rest of the stack to the left, taking another card from the stack passed to them, repeating until each player is handed one card left.

Then, the process is repeated, passing the third, untouched stack of twelve cards, to the right, choosing a card and passing, again, until each person is passed one card, and each person has 24 total from the two stacks they drafted.

Each player will then find the corresponding dice to each of the drafted cards, and bring back up the 12 cards/dice that they kept from the original stack, and build a team of eight characters/equipment/action cards, with no more than 20 dice among them, and no more than the MAX dice allowed per card.

Any more questions, please e-mail jesse.stallsmith@gmail.com .

Additional Info

This is the Dungeons and Dragons event we've been talking about for months!

With a prize pool that includes every single OP card released (including the Boo & Minsc with die) for the first place player (from Dungeons and Dragons, of course), and a plethora of both participation and prize cards for all other places, this is an event to remember and make sure you don't miss. Every month of OP cards is represented in these prize packs, so even eighth place will receive three+ participation prize cards, plus some placement prize cards as well.

Remember to stick around afterwards, as everyone opens the rest of their prize packs, because we should be able to get some awesome Dungeons and Dragons trading going on between everyone!

House Rules

Victory Comics House Rules

Parking at Victory Comics

We recommend arriving early to find parking, or taking the 2A bus line from the East Falls Church Metro station. In addition to the Victory Comics parking lot, there is typically some street parking available.

The parking lot of Cavalier Trail Park across the street, and the parking garage beneath the Lincoln at Tinner Hill (building with the Target), have both been used without problems, but this cannot be guaranteed in future.


HeroClix tournaments take place most Thursdays at 6:30pm and casual free play happens on most Saturdays from 6:00pm to close. Events are free-to-play unless specified as "draft" or "sealed."

The following House Rules apply to HeroClix events:

HEROCLIX HOUSE RULE: Out of respect for scheduled end times & store closing time, tournaments must begin promptly at their posted start times. Players who arrive for a tournament after Round One pairings have been announced may be added with a “late” in the tournament rankings, which is a loss with zero points. Players who arrive for a tournament after Round One has ended will not be permitted to buy-in or start late.

HEROCLIX HOUSE RULE: Games are adjudicated using only documents available on the HeroClix.com website and the HeroClix Errata & Clarification sub-forum on the HeroClix Rules forum of the WizKids Info Network. As rulings on the HeroClix Rules Questions sub-forum are subject to change without warning, these postings will be taken as “strongly advisory” in adjudicating games, but may not be followed to the letter.

HEROCLIX HOUSE RULE: Unless otherwise specified, ”Modern Age" HeroClix events at Victory Comics follow the LIST OF MODERN AGE LEGAL HEROCLIX RELEASES and the MODERN AGE LEGAL MAP LIST posted on the HeroClix Rules Questions sub-forum on the HeroClix Rules forum of the WizKids Info Network.

HEROCLIX HOUSE RULE: Instead of a point system, we only require that players participate in at least half of the events of a major tournament arc in order to participate in the final event of that arc.


Fleet builds are Penalty Pure, unless clearly stated otherwise in the event notes. What this means for play here is that each ship is built according to cards matching each faction logo, with card specific exceptions. For example, a Klingon ship is equipped with a Klingon captain, a Klingon crew, and Klingon weapons and tech.

You are allowed only one Fleet Resource as part of your fleet when Fleet Resources are allowed.

Unless otherwise stated in the event listing it is expected all fleets have a minimum of 3 ships, each costing no more than 50 points (including all upgrades) per ship.