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Uncanny X-Men Rainbow Draft

The Destination
Dec 19, 2015 at 12:30 (local)
Dice Masters
Rainbow Draft
Player Cap
12 (9 registered)


On December 19th, The Destination is hosting a "Retro" Rainbow Draft using the set featuring everyone's favorite mutant heroes (and some villains): Uncanny X-Men.

Standard Rainbow Draft rules apply (http://wizkids.com/dicemasters/rainbow-draft/). Each player will be able to use ANY Basic Actions from any released set. Play will take place over four rounds, with each round lasting thirty minutes. If a winner hasn't been declared, then a five turn overtime will occur, with the winner being the player with the highest life total at the end.

Registration will be $13. This will cover the 12 packs needed for the draft, and prizes. EVERYONE is guaranteed a prize from the prize pool, so EVERYONE will leave with at least one additional booster pack.

Additional Info

See everyone on December 19th!

House Rules

1) All figures are legal unless otherwise stated.
2) No colossal figures.
3) No feats or battlefield conditions.
4) No vehicles.
5) No resources.
6) There are no limits to the number of relics that may be played.
7) Splitlip has been banned.