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Pro Dice Circuit – 2016 Washington State Championship

Olympic Cards and Comics
Apr 17, 2016 at 11:00 (local)
Dice Masters
Player Cap
32 (12 registered)


Washington State PDC Championships Update

The official ban of Relentless and Swords of Revealing Light that WizKids just announced at http://wizkids.com/dicemasters/swords-of-revealing-light-and-relentless/ will be in effect at this Sunday's PDC event. WizKids has made the ban effective for their next official events, and in recognition that the the game designers have officially recognized that the inclusion of these cards breaks the current state of the game, neither card will be permitted at the PDC event this Sunday.

Format: Unlimited Constructed

Entry Fee: $5 (players who won a 2015-2016 PDC Store Championship may enter one PDC State/Provincial Championship Event free of charge)

Prize Support: All participants will receive a custom Pro Dice Circuit D6 die created only for the 2016 State/Provincial Championships. The Top 4 finishers, after the cut to elimination rounds, will receive a custom Pro Dice Circuit Basic Action Color Indicator Card. The Top 2 finishers, after the cut to elimination rounds will receive a Lid and Tray set of ZenBins. The winner of the event will receive a custom Pro Dice Circuit Play Mat created only for winners of 2016 State/Provincial Championships and will also receive free entry to a Pro Dice Circuit Regional Championship. Additionally, the top four players will received store credit based on number of participants--100% of entry fees will be used to provide store credit prize support.

Event Guidelines: For more information regarding how Pro Dice Circuit events will be run, please visit http://prodicecircuit.com/official-event-guidelines/.

Additional Info


House Rules

[These house rules apply only to Dice Masters events:]
Matches played in swiss-rounds will be best-of-one, thirty minutes maximum. Games played in single-elimination, if any, will be best-of-three, fifty minutes maximum.
Yu-Gi-Oh set-specific rules concerning serial numbers on die will not be enforced.
The event organizer may participate in events but will be ineligible for placement-based prizes for that particular event, such as store credit and limited edition cards. The event organizer will, however, be eligible for prizes based on his or her ranking at the end of a multi-month league.

[These house rules apply only to Heroclix events:]
Golden Age: all figures and element allowed unless otherwise stated
Silver age: All figures, objects, ATA and BST are allowed. Feats only on un-carded figures BFC are not allowed.
Modern Age. As defined by Wizkids.
Purple ring or promo are considered unique.
Galactus (Critical mass & Avengers sets) and Spectre (collateral damage) , Dr Manhattan (colossal) and Ziran the tester (Galactic Guardians), are not allowed as part of a force.