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WizKids Open - Dice Masters Regional Championship

The Nerd Store
Nov 13, 2016 at 11:00 (local)
Dice Masters


WizKids Open - Dice Masters Regional Championship Events will be Rainbow Draft OR Modern age Constructed Tournaments (using standard tournament rules) consisting of multiple rounds of Swiss-style pairings followed by a Single Elimination Top 8 Cut.

Signing up for the event here does not count as pre-registering for the event. Contact your FLGS to reserve your seat.

For more information about this event type, click here.

Additional Info

Player Cap: 32
Entry Fee: $15
Format: Unlimited Constructed
Pairing Structure: Multiple Swiss Rounds followed by a Single Elimination Top 8 Cut
Registration begins at 11:00 a.m. Event begins at 12:00 noon.

For prizing structure and more info, visit http://win.wizkids.com/wp/fall-2016-wizkids-open/

Contact The Nerd Store to register. Payment required at the time of registration.
Phone: (970) 978-4275

Side events will be running concurrently for Heroclix and Dice Masters on both Saturday, 11/12/16 and Sunday, 11/13/16. Battle Royales for Heroclix as well as Quick Plays and Rainbow Drafts for Dice Masters will fire as soon as enough registrants sign up.

House Rules

HEROCLIX HOUSE RULES: These rules stand unless otherwise stated in the description of a particular event.

For all games: no feats, no battlefield conditions, but all figures are legal to field, including non-comic book set figures.

Bystander tokens, relics and ATAs (additional team abilities) are allowed on your force per standard force construction rules.

No colossals, team bases, resources or vehicles are allowed on your force unless noted in the specific game description.

DICE MASTERS HOUSE RULES: We follow the standard rules and tournament formats as published by Wizkds including the latest errata. The one exception is that dice from different sets for the same card name may be used as long as the stats are identical (e.g., a player may use the dice from Storm UXM with any of the cards for Storm AvX) for events that are not official WizKids or PDC tournaments. For WizKids and PDC events, dice must match the cards, and Yugioh dice must include at least one die with a serial number matching the card.