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Pro Dice Circuit – 2017 Store Draft Championship

Victory Comics
Apr 9, 2017 at 12:30 (local)
Dice Masters


Entry Fee: $25 (Includes 12 packs to draft from, plus 3 packs put into prize pool to be redistributed along with all other prizing)

Each player should come to the event with 8 Sidekick Dice, 12 Basic Action Dice, 4 Indicator Cards, and 2 Basic Action Cards (players may choose which Basic Action Cards they’d like to use after completing the draft, but must use the same 2 throughout the event).

6-8 players will = 3 Rounds of Swiss. Prize Determination: W/L record; ties = SOS

9-16 players will = 4 Rounds of Swiss with a Cut to Top 4*

17-32 players will = 5 Rounds of Swiss with a Cut to Top 8*

33-64 players will = 6 Rounds of Swiss with a Cut to Top 16*

*Stores may opt to not have a cut due to time constraints.

For this PDC Store Draft Championship Event, all BAC’s from all printed sets are legal to use in this draft format. Any card that WizKids has officially banned is also banned for these events (currently Swords of Revealing Light and Relentless).

Prize Support: Each PDC Store Draft Championship Kit contains one Custom 2017 Draft Store Championship Play Mat, ten Double-Sided BAC Color Indicator Cards, and ten Custom 6-sided Dice. Winners get the Play Mat and 1 Free Entry to a 2017 Draft State Championship (if a player previously won a Free Entry in another event, the Free Entry is given to the next player in rank who does not have a Free Entry prize). Top 4 each get 2 BAC Color Indicators. Top 10 each get a Custom 6-sided die (if you expect more players, you can order additional dice). The remaining BAC Color Indicator Cards are for the TO and 1 for a Fellowship Prize

Format: Draft

Additional Info

Please visit the Pro Dice Circuit website for more information and Draft Store Championship Guidelines:


For information on Rainbow Drafts:


If you have any further questions about running a PDC Draft event or ordering more dice, email us at:

http://info@prodicecircuit .com

House Rules

Victory Comics House Rules

Parking at Victory Comics

We recommend arriving early to find parking, or taking the 2A bus line from the East Falls Church Metro station. In addition to the Victory Comics parking lot, there is typically some street parking available.

The parking lot of Cavalier Trail Park across the street, and the parking garage beneath the Lincoln at Tinner Hill (building with the Target), have both been used without problems, but this cannot be guaranteed in future.


HeroClix tournaments take place most Thursdays at 6:30pm and casual free play happens on most Saturdays from 6:00pm to close. Events are free-to-play unless specified as "draft" or "sealed."

The following House Rules apply to HeroClix events:

HEROCLIX HOUSE RULE: Out of respect for scheduled end times & store closing time, tournaments must begin promptly at their posted start times. Players who arrive for a tournament after Round One pairings have been announced may be added with a “late” in the tournament rankings, which is a loss with zero points. Players who arrive for a tournament after Round One has ended will not be permitted to buy-in or start late.

HEROCLIX HOUSE RULE: Games are adjudicated using only documents available on the HeroClix.com website and the HeroClix Errata & Clarification sub-forum on the HeroClix Rules forum of the WizKids Info Network. As rulings on the HeroClix Rules Questions sub-forum are subject to change without warning, these postings will be taken as “strongly advisory” in adjudicating games, but may not be followed to the letter.

HEROCLIX HOUSE RULE: Unless otherwise specified, ”Modern Age" HeroClix events at Victory Comics follow the LIST OF MODERN AGE LEGAL HEROCLIX RELEASES and the MODERN AGE LEGAL MAP LIST posted on the HeroClix Rules Questions sub-forum on the HeroClix Rules forum of the WizKids Info Network.

HEROCLIX HOUSE RULE: Instead of a point system, we only require that players participate in at least half of the events of a major tournament arc in order to participate in the final event of that arc.


Fleet builds are Penalty Pure, unless clearly stated otherwise in the event notes. What this means for play here is that each ship is built according to cards matching each faction logo, with card specific exceptions. For example, a Klingon ship is equipped with a Klingon captain, a Klingon crew, and Klingon weapons and tech.

You are allowed only one Fleet Resource as part of your fleet when Fleet Resources are allowed.

Unless otherwise stated in the event listing it is expected all fleets have a minimum of 3 ships, each costing no more than 50 points (including all upgrades) per ship.