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PDC Prime Store Championship

Mike's Comics and Games
Apr 29, 2017 at 12:00 (local)
Event is Live
Live Results
Dice Masters
Player Cap
48 (6 registered)


The PDC Prime Championships will focus on constructed play with the newest released sets, similar to the “Modern” format that is found in other CCG’s. For the first year of this format, all sets from World’s Finest forward will be legal including all OP, Team Packs and starters that were released with or after World’s Finest (Alt-Arts and Alt-Art OP’s rotate out with their original card). As additional sets are released, they will become legal for Prime play. Sets will be rotated out annually so that the format stays fresh, engaging, and open to new and seasoned players alike.

Additional Info

Entree Fee:$10.00. A guarantee top Prize of at least $75.00 to the top finisher and $35.00 to the second place. Other prizes will be given out for top 8 based on attendance.

House Rules

You must be friendly, and looking for fun.