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Pro Dice Circuit – 2017 PRIME Store Championship

Rusty Scabbard
Apr 14, 2017 at 18:00 (local)
Dice Masters
Player Cap
16 (8 registered)


Entry Fee: $6

LEGAL SETS for PDC PRIME as of 3/11/17

World’s Finest
Civil War
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1
Green Arrow and The Flash
Dr. Strange Team Pack
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2
Iron Man and War Machine Starter
Any NEW SET released after the publishing of this document

Legal OP Cards for PDC PRIME as of 3/11/17

Supergirl: Crisis on Infinite Earths
The Flash: Crisis on Infinite Earths
Melinda May: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Terry McGinnis: Batman Beyond
Daredevil: Marvel Knight
Punisher: Marvel Knight
Stargirl: DC Bombshell
Lois Lane: DC Bombshell
Ant-Man: Tiny Regret
Baron Zemo: Citizen V
Mxyzptlk: Golden Age Superman
Bizarro: Golden Age Superman
Marvel: Amazing Hero
Loki: Angsty Asgardian
Green Arrow: Archery Advocate
Roy Harper: Adolescent Archer
Strahd: Master of Ravenloft
Ant-Man: Classic Avenger
Captain America: Classic Avenger
Barry Allen: Fastest Man Alive
Professor Zoom: Thief
Any New (non-reprint of a rotated card) OP card after the publishing of this document.


4-8 players will = 3 Rounds of Swiss. Prize Determination: W/L record; ties = SOS
9-16 players will = 4 Rounds of Swiss with a Cut to Top 4*
17-32 players will = 5 Rounds of Swiss with a Cut to Top 8*
33-64 players will = 6 Rounds of Swiss with a Cut to Top 8*
*Stores may opt to not have a cut due to time constraints.

Prize Support: The overall winner will receive the 2017 PRIME Store Championship Play Mat
and 1 Free Entry to a 2017 PRIME State Championship (if a player previously won a Free Entry
in another event, the Free Entry is given to the next player in rank who does not have a Free
Entry prize). Top 4 each get 2 BAC Color Indicators. Top 10 each get a Custom 6-sided die (if
you expect more players, you can order additional dice).

Format: Constructed

Additional Info

Please visit the Pro Dice Circuit website for more information and PRIME Store Championship

House Rules


Golden Age (all figures welcome)

Modern (all current WK tournament legal figures and game mechanics)

ROC Limited: No Figures larger than peanut base, Resources, Relics,
Constructs, ID Cards, Battlefield Conditions, Feats, Characters equipped during force construction, Event Dials, and Special Terrain.

ROC Age: All sets in all universes starting with Superman (09/01/01) to present. This can be identified as when the "Oreo" style bases were started. No Epic Actions or Horde tokens (stack-able bystanders).

ROC Silver Age: All carded figures (Legion of Superheroes Starter to present).

Special Events: See event descriptions for specifics.

ROC Banned Figures and mechanics: Orange Battery, Team Bases, Felix Faust, Copycat, Zombie Super Skrull, Resurrection Man, Juston Seyfert, Ophidian, Morphing Jar