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Polymorph Extravaganza!

Doc's Comics & Games
May 9, 2017 at 19:00 (local)
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Stay with me......

Bring 10 character cards with max dice. Bring Polymorph and Mutation BAC's (Don't worry if you don't own both). Bring a D20. Bring up to 8 Non-Basic Action Cards for your "team".

To start each match you will combine your 10 character cards with your opponents and they will be placed out for both to see and numbered off 1 through 20. You'll start with 3 Poly Action dice in your Bag (along with your 8 SK's) and 3 in the used. The only way to get a character out into the field beside a SK is to Poly one in. If you hit a Poly Die on the action side and you or your opponent have a character in the field, you may use the poly to roll a D20 and whatever number comes up is the character that comes in! You can use it to get something random on your team or to get rid of something that is scary on your opponents team. But remember, its all up to the D20, so you never know what you're going to get!

Globals on Character cards can only be used if the character is in the field.

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