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Marvel HeroClix: Secret Wars Battleworld Pre-Release

Oct 13, 2018 at 14:00 (local)
Player Cap
16 (6 registered)


Get your hands on the new Marvel HeroClix: Secret Wars Battleworld up to two weeks before official release!
Marvel HeroClix: Secret Wars Battleworld Pre-Release Event!

Marvel Universes combine to form the collective Battleworld planet in this brand-new HeroClix 5-figure booster set!

There will be something for everyone in this booster set with support for existing themes like Avengers, Asgardians, and Spider-Man Family, as well as plenty of brand new shared traits, new Battleworld themed teams, and more never-before-clixed characters like Alex Wilder, Crystar, Erik Killmonger, and Stick!

Be one of the first to pick up these new figures by checking out a Pre-Release at your friendly local game store!

For more information about this event type, click here.

Additional Info

Entry: $30.00

Players will receive 2 boosters and from those boosters will create a 300 point team to enter into the competition.

Prizes for this format will be in the form of Secret Wars Battleworld Figures~

For every 2 participants in the event we will be putting one booster into a prize pool that will be distributed via a snake draft at the end of the tournament (with drafting positions based upon player standings).

We will provide a minimum of 4 boosters (with a 5th added at 10 participants, a 6th at 12 participants, etc... with a player cap set at 16 participants).

House Rules

For normal weekly events players are restricted to only one copy of one version of any unique character (you can only use one spider-man / peter parker).