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Marvel Comics Heroclix: Days of Future Past Month 3 - Constructed

Gnome Games Tournament Center
Oct 27, 2018 at 08:00 (local)


The cover of Uncanny X-Men 141 is one of the most iconic pieces of art in all of comics – the cover to part 1 of Days of Future Past quickly communicates to the observer what a dire situation the X-Men are facing.

Starting in Summer 2018, players will get a chance to play at their local gaming store to earn Days of Future Past Wanted Poster ID cards. If players amass enough points across the entire event to become the winner of the entire Storyline OP Event and earn a terrifying and never-before-Clixed Tri-Sentinel!

Marvel HeroClix: Days of Future Past is a three-month Storyline Organized Play event series that will excite the player community and encourage new players to join the fight in Days of Future Past.

For more information about this event type, click here.

Additional Info

Entry $10
This is a half sealed event. Players will get to pick 3 Marvel or DC single figure boosters to combine with their figures to make a 400 point team. Players must use at least 2 of the figures they got from the sealed packs on their team.

Participation will get an Prize ID Card
1st, Fellowship, and a Random Player will get a Special Prize ID card.
The overall winner of the event will take home a Tri-Sentinel Colossal.

Fopr all of the October events at Gnome Games Green bay West visit - https://gnomegames.com/its-a-trick-or-treat-month-for-heroclix-at-gnome-games-green-bay-west/

House Rules

Sealed Tournaments are 300 pts.
Modern Constructed Tournaments are 400 pts
Constructed Tournaments will cost $5 to offset price of Prizes.