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Realms Open Championship (ROC): Winter Meltdown, Round One (Win-A-Map Format)

Game Corps LLC
Jan 12, 2019 at 13:00 (local)
Player Cap
32 (19 registered)


Welcome to the ROC Winter Meltdown Campaign! Through the months of January to March, there will be 6 Win-A-Map ROC battles spread out between 5 of the venues in our area. The champions of each of the first five will win free passes - a "Golden Ticket" - to attend the final Championship ROC at WNY Gaming in April, which will determine who the best ROC player is in our area!

Format: 300 points, ROC Age Limited

Cost: $25-$30 (final cost TBA)

Prizing for this event:
1st Place: 15 ROC points, a set of ROC dice, 2 3D objects, a ROC map, and a special t-shirt!
2nd Place: 10 ROC points, a set of ROC dice, and 2 3D objects
3rd and 4th Place: 5 ROC points, dice, and 2 3D objects
One ROC point for all participants
** Points are used to qualify for higher-ranking ROC events

** Disregard our House Rules listed - no House Rules are allowed during this campaign, and we will be using the ROC rules instead (see below)

Additional Info

ROC Age Limited Rules:
1) Not Allowed: Figures larger than a "peanut" base, Resources, Relics, Constructs, ID Cards, Battlefield Conditions, Event Dials, Special Terrain, Characters equipped during force construction, Feats

2) Legal Clix that you can play: All sets in all universes starting with Superman (09/01/11) to present. Date that ROC began & can also be identified as figures with a "Oreo base".
*No Epic Actions or Horde tokens (bystanders that can be stacked) allowed

3) Swiss Rounds of Play:
9-16 players: 4 rounds (cut to Top 2 for single elimination)
17-32 players: 5 rounds (cut to Top 8 for single elimination)
33-64 players: 5 rounds (cut to Top 16 for single elimination)

4) 45 minute rounds, with no warnings issued and a LAST ROUND announcement which means the game will end once the second player's turn ends

5) Banned Figs: Felix Faust, all Star Trek Ships, Ophidian

6) Legal Maps: All Modern Age legal maps, legal ROC maps and all Grid Reality maps, and you must bring 3 legal maps with you. If you do not have maps, your opponent automatically wins map selection

House Rules

-We play Golden Age at our venue.
Anything with a dial for Heroclix is playable in our tournaments. We don't restrict to just Modern Age unless there is a special rule for a tournament

-Our tournaments are either "Limited" or "Unlimited." Limited means you CANNOT play: Relics, Resources, ID Cards, anything bigger than a "Peanut Base" figure, Feats, Battle Field Conditions, Event Dials, and Special Terrain. Unlimited means anything goes.

- Build totals: If you are playing a Theme Team, your build can be over in points. You are permitted to be 1% over in points (ex: 5 points over in a 500 point team, etc.). These points over can NOT be used for the addition of Equipment, Special Terrain, Relics or any other Tactic.

-Normally actions are at 1 per 100 points of the team build, rounded up.

-Highlander Rules: Only one of a named character per force. This rule is only applied when specified for a tournament.

-Normally at the end of each tournament we give out a second prize for Fellowship. This is not a prize guaranteed thing for each tournament but we like to give out a little extra of possible. There are several ways this prize can be given. To be eligible for this prize you must play all rounds of the tournament. There can be exceptions if you need to leave the building due to work/personal reasons. If you just drop and hang out to watch you will not be eligible.
    -High Roll (All players roll 2d6, highest roll wins)
    -Lowest Roll (All players roll 2d6, lowest roll wins)
    -Vote (All players vote in secret about who they want to win.)

~Creating a Tournament~
-We generally allow players to create tournaments that have special rules.
Please be specific because it is easy for certain characters to become extremely over-powered depending on the rules and we want to keep it balanced with these special rules.