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Marvel Comics Heroclix: Wolverine vs. Cyclops: X-Men Regenesis Month 1 - Sealed

Aug 24, 2019 at 10:30 (local)
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16 (10 registered)


Cyclops and Wolverine have disagreed one too many times following conflicts with the Hellfire Club and Sentinels. Wolverine leaves Cyclops’s Utopia behind to restart the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. Which mutant leader will you follow in Marvel HeroClix: Wolverine vs. Cyclops: X-Men Regenesis?

Marvel HeroClix: Wolverine vs. Cyclops: X-Men Regenesis is a three-month Storyline Organized Play event series that will get HeroClix players around the world playing like never before, with and against one another.

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