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jaysolomongrundyPlayer2020-02-24 4:21 PM
brianpPlayer2020-02-27 8:01 PM
YourDad313Player2020-02-27 10:10 PM
Xman_CalPlayer2020-02-27 10:26 PM
MZyllaPlayer2020-02-27 10:39 PM
DaBreezeOPlayer2020-02-27 10:48 PM
CaptainamazingPlayer2020-02-29 8:02 PM
crankycronkPlayer2020-03-02 2:33 PM
Buckeye89Volunteer2020-02-22 8:35 PM

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ROC Qualifier:Celebration of the life of Wanda Bachman

Mar 21, 2020 at 12:00 (local)
Event Canceled
Player Cap
64 (8 registered)


300 points modern.

$20. All proceeds from this event will go to the Bachman family to aid them through this difficult time.

There will be a raffle (donations for this raffle would be greatly appreciated). Pizza and drinks will be served. There will also be a separate Win a Map event (also listed on the WIN) for those who would like to join the the event but don’t enjoy the meta scene.

Additional Info

Standard ROC qualifier prizing.

1st place - Boxed con le, special object, 50 WKO points, dice, 2 action tokens, prize map.
2nd place - Boxed con le, special object, 25 WKO points, dice, 2 action tokens, prize map.
3rd/4th place - Boxed con le, special object, 20 WKO points, dice, 2 action tokens, prize map.
5th - 8th place - redial exclusive, 15 WKO points, dice, 2 action tokens.
9th -16th place - special object, 10 WKO points, dice, 2 action tokens

All participants receive 1 WKO point

House Rules