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GizunkiePlayer2020-09-01 2:16 PM
StoneyPlayer2020-09-01 2:16 PM
DjstarrPlayer2020-09-01 2:16 PM
UndyingMenacePlayer2020-09-01 2:16 PM
BigRickClixPlayer2020-09-01 2:17 PM
arctrooper1136Player2020-09-01 2:17 PM
SuperflyJediguyPlayer2020-09-01 2:17 PM
PoppaGuidoPlayer2020-09-01 2:17 PM
Badger2003Player2020-09-03 3:19 PM
Badger2005Player2020-09-03 3:20 PM
rhermanPlayer2020-09-03 7:30 PM
CarlosPulaPlayer2020-09-04 7:40 PM
Mikey PPlayer2020-09-05 8:31 PM
TaprootJVolunteer2020-09-01 2:15 PM
StoneyVolunteer2020-09-01 2:15 PM

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ROC NY State Championship (updated)

Sep 6, 2020 at 12:00 (local)
Player Cap
40 (14 registered)


entry: $25
format: 300 modern
prizing: in addition to the standard ROC prizing (dice, action tokens, championship maps) there will also be a full chase & prime set from DC’s Rebirth and Marvel’s Earth X for players to draft from!

Additional Info

- players are asked to have 1-3 legal maps, otherwise initiative automatically defers to opponent
- players are asked to bring a filled-out build sheet so that we can start the main event asap but it is not required. build sheet link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16wTnWWXJViOH_8rltX_3Q2t_SGCxrthe/view?fbclid=IwAR2H20iy6C7R-cKHtJw2FMo4hM3L9NhfZRcFyjw3Piqt2XjPREmjnG3tuw8&fbclid=IwAR2Uy5tStRdldkTdjLyzXXZxM3VLSU0Nn84vzor4fckiiAYSWM3ufYuLpy4
- - players who arrive after round 1 has started may still enter but will receive a first round loss. players will not be allowed to join after round 2 starts.
- playing in ROC events earns players WKO points which can be used for entry and byes in larger events such as Nationals and Worlds championships. In order for players to redeem these points they must create a profile on http://play-roc.com previous to the event’s commencement.

House Rules

We are a welcoming, proud and goofy group of casual and competitve gamers alike, with a focus on community and fun. We believe acceptance and inclusivity are cornerstones of helping foster growth in a community, and so intolerant/hostile behavior is not allowed at our store. All gamers are expected to treat each other with the same amount of respect and decency that they wish to be treated themselves.

- No outside drinks.
- All events are "Golden Age" unless "Modern Age" or another age is speciffically called-out in the event description. "Golden Age" means ALL officially produced Heroclix pieces are allowed for play (but check event descriptions for format restrictions).
- It is recommended that players bring their own maps but there are some maps at the store that players may use. We allow all Heroclix, ROC and other 3rd party maps to be used as long as they meet event formats.
- Most events offer fellowship prizes. Fellowship prizing may be determined in many different ways, from actual fellowship vote by all players of the event to simple roll-offs.

Listed below are keywords that describe certain format restrictions:
- Modern: only modern age game elements are allowed. *
- Retired: only non-modern age game elements are allowed. *
- Limited: these events restrict the use of certain game elements (check event description for a list of what is speciffically restricted in a Limited event)
- Bizarro: all figures will start on their last non-ko click and when they take damage the dial will click backwards
- Highlander: Only one of a named character per force. The exception is if characters have different real names (ex: if 2 characters named “Batman” have a real name of “Bruce Wayne” and “Dick Grayson” this would be allowed in Highlander games. 2 characters named “Spider-Man” that both have the real name “Peter Parker” would not be allowed in a Highlander game)