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What is the WizKids Info Network?

WizKids Info Network (WIN) is the ultimate way for both stores and players to get the most out of WizKids gaming events!

As a player, you can can find in-store matches and tournaments, earn awesome achievements, build a custom profile and keep track of your game results, all in one convenient place. Facebook integration even lets you share your profile, stats and player activity.

There's great stuff for stores, too. As a WIN-participating retailer, you can build a profile for your shop, create and showcase new and recent events, and more! Retailers can also earn achievements within WIN that can help bring more attention to your store.

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Available Now!   We visited Danger Island, we met our toughest Contenders and Champions, and now it's time to introduce the final boss. Let’s take a closer look at the premium boxed figure from the new Pathfinder Battles: Fists of the Ruby Phoenix! Syndara the Sculptor, Final Form In attempt to bring order in a [...]
The HeroClix events at Gen Con saw some awesome team builds that were full of surprises. In addition to the Modern Age competitive scene, Theme and Pulp formats have inspired new levels of creativity that constantly impress and delight. We'd like to highlight some of the players and the forces they piloted to victory! [...]
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WizKids fans! We’re thrilled to share the schedule of WizKids World Championships events with you. You’ll see the schedule below, and some additional event notes below that. Thursday, September 15th 2:00pm WizKids Pop-Up Shop Opens HeroClix Silver Age Side Event Registration Begins (Limit: 64 Players) HeroClix Battle Royales Begin Dice Masters Rainbow Drafts Begin [...]

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