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Marvel Dice Masters: Month 1 OP - 3rd Chance Event Series

Wandering Dragon Game Shoppe
Jun 26, 2014 at 19:00 (local)


Marvel Dice Masters: Month 1 OP - 3rd Chance Event Series!

Standard Tournament Constructed Rules.

Swiss Style Tournament: 3 x 45 Minute Rounds. Each 45 Minute Round is best of 3 Games so keep that in mind when building your teams.

2 Basic Action Cards.

Up to Twenty Dice.

Every Card Must Have at Least One Die.

No Duplicate Characters Allowed.

This is a 6 Month Event:

One (1) Point for Attending each Event

One (1) Point per Loss

Two (2) Points per Win

To be eligible to play for the Month 6 Grand Prize, players will need to have played in at least four out of the six monthly OP events in the same Event Series at The Wandering Dragon.

The Wandering Dragon's Event Series is:

Original or 1st Chance Monthly Events

2nd Chance Monthly Events

3rd Chance Monthly Events

Final Chance Monthly Events

All players are welcome to play in multiple series. Points earned in each series will accumulate toward's that series' month 6 event.

As with all of our "2nd Chance type" events, we ask the players who have won the prize in another series, to pass the prize down to the 2nd Place Winner, 3rd Place Winner, etc. so that as many players as possible have a chance at getting the LE prizes.

All players are still eligible for the Participation Prize and your wins/losses will still count as normal toward the Month Six Grand Prize for the particular event.

Additional Info


House Rules