Cancelling a Force Block?

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Cancelling a Force Block?

Postby jackalopespam » Tue Feb 27, 2024 5:23 pm

Suppose my opponent uses an ability to force one of my characters to block. For instance, the classic Force Block global found on Giant Spider.

Global: Pay shield. Target character must block this turn.

Can I then use the global on Kevin Nash on the same character to effectively cancel the blocking global?

Global: Pay fist. Target Superstar die can't block this turn unless its owner pays 2 life. You can only use this Global once per Superstar die.

That is, I'm now required to pay a cost (2 life) in order to block with said character. So the Forced Block would be nullified.

Rule 3.1.21 A player cannot be forced to pay an ability cost.

Or is it possible since I am forcing the cost onto myself, I'd still have to block and also pay the 2 life? The final post on this ruling seems to imply that. ... 9a0#p34872
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Re: Cancelling a Force Block?

Postby dmrulesteam » Wed Feb 28, 2024 11:36 am

In this situation, the force-to-block global is nullified and no subsequent forced-to-block abilities can be applied to that Character die. Likewise, if the Controlling player uses the Kevin Nash global on one of their Character dice before a force-to-block global is applied, that die cannot be forced to block. This is covered under the following rule:

Rule 3.1.14 If two abilities directly conflict, the ability stating you “can’t” supersedes the one that states you can or must. This is usually noted in abilities that state “if able” and is intended to let players know that an ability can't force something to happen that is disallowed.

In the situation where, after the Kevin Nash global is applied, the Controlling player has second thoughts and now wants to block with that Character die, per the cited Namor ruling, the Controlling player would have to pay 2 life.
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