Pick Your Battles and Tokens

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Pick Your Battles and Tokens

Postby myrddinwizard » Sat Mar 16, 2024 8:44 pm

Pick Your Battles: BAC reads
Each of your characters can only be blocked by opposing characters of the same energy type and your Sidekicks can only be blocked by Sidekicks.

As Tokens do not have an energy type Per Rule 1.7.10, how do tokens interact with this basic action?

Thank you!
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Re: Pick Your Battles and Tokens

Postby dmrulesteam » Mon Mar 18, 2024 12:06 pm

The interaction of this BAC with tokens is the tokens cannot block or be blocked by Character dice or Sidekicks, per Rule 1.7.10. However, any token can block or be blocked by any other token.

Historical Context
Pick Your Battles BAC was released in the Justice League set (Apr 2015) and has not been reprinted. The only tokens in the game had small A/D values: 3A/3D Guenhwyvar token from the Faerun Under Siege set (Feb 2016), 0A/2D Plant tokens from the World’s Finest set (Mar 2016), 1A/1D Squirrel tokens from the Civil War and Guardians of the Galaxy sets (May 2016 & Sep 2017), and 1A/1D Chipmunk tokens from The Mighty Thor set (Jan 2018). So, tokens interacting with this BAC was not a significant issue up to this point.

Then, stronger tokens were introduced: 6A/6D Great Drunkard and 10A/10D God Catcher tokens from the Trouble in Waterdeep set (Jan 2020), and 5A/5D Sentinel tokens from the Dark Phoenix Saga set (Mar 2022). Now this interaction has more impact on game play and as such, the ruling above accounts for this situation.
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