Kryptonite Crisis Rules Clarifications (7.18.2022)

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Kryptonite Crisis Rules Clarifications (7.18.2022)

Postby dmrulesteam » Mon Jul 18, 2022 2:18 pm

Wonder Woman

Question: Does the paying of 1 mask for the Global ability apply to all targets selected by an Action die ability or only one Character die target per mask paid?

Answer: Each mask paid changes (redirects to) one Character die target. If an Action die ability targets multiple Character dice (e.g. Thrown Car), you must pay 1 mask energy for each Character die target you want to change.

Question: Can Daughter of Hippolyta reroll a character on an energy face?

Answer: Daughter of Hippolyta can’t reroll a die on an energy face.

Question: Can Wonder Woman’s Global be used on an action that picks a die on an energy face like Making the Team?

Answer: Wonder Woman’s Global can’t be used on effects like Making the Team.

Bizarro: Kryptonite Enhanced Intelligence

Question: Since the ability states “once per turn”, is the intent this ability can be initiated before the Clear and Draw Step?

Answer: You can only use Bizarro’s ability during your Main Step.

Doctor Fate, Superman

Question: When either character is KO’d, where do any dice on their cards go?

Answer: They would be sent to their owner’s Prep Area.

These card abilities follow the same intent as the Phantom Zone Basic Action card ability from the Justice League set.

Question: Since fielding the character would Prep a die from a previous turn, can you put more than one die on the card during a single turn?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Can you select your own character die? Your opponent’s?

Answer: Either.

Hawkgirl: Brilliant Tactician

Question: If I roll 2 “?”, can I field all Hawkgirl dice in my Used Pile?

Answer: No. You can only field one Hawkgirl character die for each 2 “?” you roll.

If you rolled 4 “?”, you could field 2 Hawkgirl Character dice from your Used Pile.

Question: Can I check for Hawkgirl’s ability in the middle of the Roll and Reroll Step?

Answer: No, only at the end.

Starro: Minions

Question: When does Starro need to be rerolled if on level 3 – the first or second roll of the Roll and Reroll Step, or anytime outside of the R&R Step?

During the Roll and Reroll Step, check at the end of the step (consistent with Energize and other abilities that check results during this step). If Starro rerolls to level 3, roll it until you get another face.

Outside of the Roll and Reroll Step, if Starro is rolled onto level 3, reroll that Starro die. Starro can still be spun onto level 3 via non-rolling effects.

Question: If an ability would spin those Sidekick dice to an energy face, what happens?

Answer: The die would go to your opponent’s Prep Area if they own those Sidekick dice.

General Zod: Reimagining Jekuul

Question: While Zod is active, would Sidekick dice in an unrolled state still count as Bolt characters? If I had a character with Rush – Bolt dice, will the Sidekicks count toward the Rush ability?

Answer: No and no. Sidekick dice get +2A and count as Bolt character dice only in a rolled status in the Field Zone or Reserve Pool. It does NOT apply to dice drawn from the bag, in the Prepa Area, or in the Used Pile. Unrolled Sidekick dice in these play areas aren't character dice, so they can't become a specific type of character dice (Bolt). This was previously ruled incorrectly on this forum.

Poison Ivy: Pushed Too Far

Question: Does Poison Ivy’s ability to generate tokens apply to every die from the card she selects, meaning multiple tokens could be generated in one turn?

Answer: Poison Ivy's ability applies to a Character die. If multiple copies of the same Character die attack, a Plant Token will be generated for each. The first sentence of this ability should state:
When fielded, choose an opposing non-Sidekick character die replacing all previous choices.

Edited to be consistent with the subsequent ruling on Poison Ivy - Pushed Too Far, dated 26Aug2022.

Raven: Astral Projection

Question: Can Raven’s ability be used at any time?

Answer: No, it can only be used during the Attack Step whenever you could use a Global Ability if she isn’t attacking.
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