Mary Shazam – World War III

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Mary Shazam – World War III

Postby dmrulesteam » Wed Sep 07, 2022 12:25 pm

While Mary Shazam is active, when you spend an energy she gets +1A.
While Mary Shazam’s A is 10 or greater she gains Overcrush.
While her A is 12 or greater she can’t be rerolled or spun to another face by opposing effects.

There have been several questions on how to play this card.

The modifier Mary receives comes from the spending of energy, making this an Applied ability. Mary being active is the condition that enables the modifier to be applied.
The confusion stems from whether this modifier applies to all active Mary Shazam dice or to a target Mary die?

The intent is for a target Character die to receive the modifier. The word “she” in the ability could imply that all active dice would receive the modifier, and this is not the intent.

This card should be played as if it states:

While Mary Shazam is active, when you spend an energy, target Mary Shazam Character die gets +1A.

Note: as an Applied ability, the modifier lasts until the end of turn or if the Mary Shazam die receiving the modifier leaves the Field Zone.
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