Starro: Minions and Range

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Starro: Minions and Range

Postby jackalopespam » Fri Sep 30, 2022 11:07 pm

When Starro attacks, you may take control of up to 2 target Sidekicks your opponent controls. They must attack (if able).

Brainiac 5
While Brainiac 5 is active, your active character dice gain Range 1 if they didn't already have Range.

Scenario 1) I have Brainiac 5 active and I attack with Starro, so both Range and Starro's abilities enter the Queue. If I choose to resolve Starro's ability first and take control of 2 opposing sidekicks, those characters now have Range. Would I be able to use their Range ability, even though they didn't have Range when "all dice with Range are pulled into the queue"?

Scenario 2) My opponent has Brainiac 5 and I do not. I attack with Starfire (Range 2) and Starro. Once again, Starro's ability and all Range abilities enter the queue. I resolve Starro first to take control of 2 opposing sidekicks, which had Range when those abilities entered the queue. Even though those sidekicks no longer have the ability, presumably their Range still resolves? Which player decides how the range damage is assigned (and to which field) since control of the die changed?

Scenario 3) Both players have Brainiac 5 active, so all dice in the field have Range. I attack with Starro thus triggering Range as well. The sidekicks I now took control of had Range and continue to have Range. Who gets to resolve their damage? Sorry if this is redundant from a previous case, just considering all possibilities.

(Previous Range Timing for reference,
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Re: Starro: Minions and Range

Postby dmrulesteam » Sun Oct 02, 2022 3:31 pm

Three points must be made with regards to taking control of opposing dice and the effect this action has on an ability before it enters the queue.

First, if a die’s ability is initiated and an opposing player subsequently takes control of that die by before its ability is resolved, the player who had control of that die when its ability was initiated gets to resolve that ability – not the player who took control of that die. Refer to this ruling: ... ee671e2a6c

Second, if a die is receiving a modifier, gained ability or attribute from a Static ability, it would immediately lose that application when an opposing player takes control of that die. Likewise, a Static ability in effect from the player who took control of a die is immediately applied to that die now under their control.

Third, the loss or gain of a modifier, gained ability or attribute from a Static ability on a controlled die occurs before any applicable abilities pertaining to that die enter the queue.

Scenario 1: No. When Starro’s ability is initiated (assigned to attack) and enters the queue, the opposing Sidekicks did not have Range. The resolution of Starro’s ability is the taking control of the 2 Sidekicks and attacking with them. Per the third point above, when the Range ability is resolved, these Sidekicks would not applied their Range ability because they gained that ability from Brainiac after Starro’s ability was in the queue.

Scenario 2: Per the third point above, when Starro’s ability is resolved, the newly controlled Sidekicks will still have Range from the opponent’s Brainiac because the loss of a Static ability occurs before an applicable ability enters the queue. Per the first point above, when Starfire’s ability is resolved, the Range ability on these Sidekicks would be applied by the player who had control of those dice when Starfire’s ability was initiated - in this scenario by the opposing player.

Scenario 3: Just like in Scenario 2, the opposing player will resolve the Range damage from the Sidekicks.
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