When does Regeneration from D&D DM trigger and resolve?

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When does Regeneration from D&D DM trigger and resolve?

Postby scorpion0x17 » Tue Feb 10, 2015 6:17 pm

When does the D&D DM ability Regeneragtion ability trigger and resolve?

Specifically, is it before or after damage clears?

For example:

I have a Level 3 Terrasque fielded:


My opponent manages to deal 7+ damage do it, and I re-roll it to a character face.

Does it still have 7+ damage assigned to it?
Is it KO'd once more?
Do I re-roll it once again?
And so on, and so forth, again, and again, until I roll an energy face?
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Re: When does Regeneration from D&D DM trigger and resolve?

Postby dmrulesteam » Thu Feb 12, 2015 6:08 pm

There are generally two ways a character (in this case, Tarrasque: Lesser Aberration) can get KO'd, causing it to try and Regenerate.

1) An effect that says it KOs a tarrasque. In this case, roll tarrasque to see if it comes back to the Field Zone or not. Any damage that was on tarrasque is cleared at this time.

2) Dealing damage to a character equal to or greater than its defense KOs it. In this case, reroll tarrasque. If tarrasque lands on a character face, it returns to the Field Zone with no damage on it.

After Tarrasque successfully regenerates, its other effect would go off, dealing 4 damage to all other characters. It is possible (though unlikely) that two tarrasques KO each other back and forth, regenerating on their level 1 or 2 faces.

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