TMNT 030 Baxter Stockman

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TMNT 030 Baxter Stockman

Postby dantelocke » Mon May 02, 2016 2:32 pm

The super rare Baxter Stockman's trait reads

FOUR ARMZZZZ: Baxter Stockman may carry up to 4 ;Tiny; characters.

He also has ;Wing; , which grants him the Carry ability.

When moving as a result of being given an action, this character may carry one friendly character. When this ability is used, modify this character’s speed value by –2 until the end of the action. The following characters can’t be carried: larger characters, multi-based characters, characters holding an object, and characters with any of the following combat symbols: ;T-Boot; ;Wing; ;T-Wing; ;T-Swim; ;Duo;. To be carried, the friendly character must be adjacent to this character at the beginning of this character’s action. When this character ends its movement for the action, the carried character must be placed in a square adjacent to this character. While being carried, a carried character is not adjacent to any other character, nor can it draw a line of fire until placed at the end of this character’s movement for the action. A character which has been carried this turn can’t be given an action (other than a free action) until the beginning of the next turn.

[C]A character that is able to use the Carry combat ability is able to carry a character the same size as itself in addition to the smaller character it can carry using its innate carry ability. It follows all Carry rules when carrying that character.

My question is how many characters can he carry considering the new size rules?
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Re: TMNT 030 Baxter Stockman

Postby hcrulesteam » Wed May 04, 2016 6:45 pm

dantelocke wrote:My question is how many characters can he carry considering the new size rules?

When using the Carry ability granted by ;Wing; , Baxter Stockman can carry up to four ;Tiny; symbol characters instead of one same size character(still following all normal rules for using the Carry ability) in addition to being able to carry a smaller character through his innate ability to carry.
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