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Warhammer 40k Dice Masters - Range

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Warhammer 40k Dice Masters - Range

Postby dmrulesteam » Mon Oct 15, 2018 3:56 pm

We've received a lot of questions about Range in anticipation of the upcoming Warhammer 40,000 Dice Masters release. We hope this post answers them all.

Range: When one or more character dice with Range attack, each active character die with Range (on both sides) simultaneously deals damage equal to its Range value to target opposing character die. Each character die with Range may choose a different target, and the defending player still resolves their Range damage even if the Range die was KO’d by the active player's Range damage. All Range damage is dealt simultaneously; the active player chooses their targets and resolves the damage, immediately followed by the inactive player choosing their targets and resolving the damage.
Range Example:

General Clarifications:

No matter how many character dice with Range attack, they all only deal their range damage once. It doesn’t trigger separately for each attacking die. Each die with range gets to deal its range damage, even if one player has two dice with Range that have the same name. One die with Range must be attacking for characters to use Range, but the attacking player could use the Range damage from dice of theirs that aren’t attacking.

All Range damage happens simultaneously. The active player and defending player resolve all Range abilities, uninterrupted by other triggered abilities, those abilities will still happen but after all Range damage is resolved.

Range Example:
Player A is attacking with a level 2 Primaris Reiver: Lightning Assault (Range 1). In their Field Zone they also have: 2 Sidekick dice, 1 level 1 Primaris Aggressor: Relentless Advance (Range 1), 2 level 3 Primaris Inceptor: Meteoric Descent (Range 1), and 2 level 2 Primaris Repulsor: Power of the Machine Spirit (Range 2).
Player A is going to get to assign 8 points of Range damage (1x1+1x1+2x1+2x2).

Player B has a level 1 Lord of Contagion: The Plague Skull of Glothila, and a level 2 Typhus: Disgustingly Resillient.
Player B is going to get to assign 4 points of Range damage (1x2+1x2).

Player A assigns 6 of their damage to Typhus, which will KO him. Player A assigns their remaining 2 damage to the Lord of Contagion (who will be KO’d if he blocks because of his ability).
Player B still gets to assign all 4 of their damage even though Typhus will be KO’d. Player B KOs the Primaris Reiver and a Sidekick die (they can't split the Range 2 damage, the 2nd damage is wasted on the Sidekick).
Player A Preps a die from their bag for Primaris Aggressor’s ability.

There are no attacking character dice, no blocking character dice, neither player chooses to uses any Global Abilities or action dice, and the Attack Step ends.
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Re: Warhammer 40k Dice Masters - Range

Postby dmrulesteam » Wed Nov 14, 2018 2:06 pm

Additional Clarification on Range:

What happens when dice with Range would get Range?
Venerable Dreadnaught gives your dice Range 1, as can the Stormboyz Global Ability. These things are true:
1) Characters that don't have Range of any value, would get Range 1.
2) Characters with a pre-existing Range Value would use the higher Range value.
3) Characters that already have Range wouldn't get to use 2 copies of it.

-The DM Rules Team
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