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What is the WizKids Info Network?

WizKids Info Network (WIN) is the ultimate way for both stores and players to get the most out of WizKids gaming events!

As a player, you can can find in-store matches and tournaments, earn awesome achievements, build a custom profile and keep track of your game results, all in one convenient place. Facebook integration even lets you share your profile, stats and player activity.

There's great stuff for stores, too. As a WIN-participating retailer, you can build a profile for your shop, create and showcase new and recent events, and more! Retailers can also earn achievements within WIN that can help bring more attention to your store.

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Categories:WizKids Dedicated to creating games driven by imagination
Hillside, NJ – September 20, 2021 – We are thrilled to be finally be able to announce that Clash of Cultures: Monumental Edition will be available in stores on October 13, 2021!  Below, take a look at some stunning new photos of the game and be sure to pre-order at your Friendly Local Game Store or Online [...]
HeroClix Fans! We’ve heard from many of you that you’re excited for the release of Marvel HeroClix: X-Men Rise and Fall. We haven’t shared a new release date yet, and wanted to take this opportunity to explain the situation with this upcoming release in particular as well as our release date policy in general. Our [...]
Categories:Dice Masters Dice Building Game
Dice Masters fans! It’s been a bit since we had an update for everyone, but with in-person play, conventions, and other aspects of gaming returning to normal, so will Dice Masters releases. New schedules for release are: DC Dice Masters: Superman Kryptonite Crisis Draft Packs Q1 2022. Marvel Dice Masters: Dark Phoenix Saga Draft [...]

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